Ruddy ’’Obscure’’ Mejia



Ruddy Mejia is a self taught artist that grew up in the Bronx, which provided the perfect blend of influences allowing him to use the mediums of Watercolor, Paints and Inks to translate his passion for movies, books, music, comics and graffiti into pieces of artwork that document, question and demand deep observation from his public. His work focuses on the interpretation of ideas, emotions, and happenings. The fulfillment of his artistic expression and experiences have inspired him to help provide opportunities that guide and support others through creativity.  He is currently the Art Specialist at Bronx House Inc. and has most recently participated in “Outside the Box” Curated by Lady K. Fever, Mr. Papo's Popped up Art show And Mr. Papo's Popped up Art show Monstrosity both Curated by Ivan Velez Jr